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The History So Far

A little over a year ago, I wrote the first of some 35 articles for this newsletter about the 100th anniversary of our St. John’s West Toronto home on Humberside Ave.

The first article was titled, “Gearing Up for St. John’s 100th,” and it focused on the dates visible on the cornerstone of the church and what they meant. You’ll find that first article posted here,

This series of articles highlight many aspects of the history and people of St. John’s over the past century, all of which are conveniently available in our ambitious 100th section of St. John’s website,

You’ll find my articles, along with several written by others, in this part of the site,

Some personal matters have distracted me from my writing further articles recently, but I expect to get back on track soon as we move towards celebrating the actual centenary of the official opening and dedication of St. John’s Humberside home on November 4, 2023.

I welcome ideas for future SJWT-100th articles. What aspects of St. John’s history should I write about? In addition, articles by others are certainly welcome.

Share your history article suggestions with Chris via,

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