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Intelligent Faith  

Is the practice to foster in our community a deeper understanding of our faith and traditions and to encourage the ability to describe and live out the gospel in our lives and in our communities.

On this page you will find some compelling lived examples of Living the Gospel. Ordinary people like you and me - members of St. John's West Toronto whose faith impacts their life decisions and action.  

Living the Gospel

The Spirit of God is alive and well - living and moving in the people that are the Church of SJWT! Read two living, modern day accounts of gospel living. 

Sam Forbes

Click here to read Sam's testimony of how community has changed his life!

Bob Shantz

Click here to read Bob's Epistle to SJWT!

Ask the Pastor

Do you have questions about the scriptures, the Church, worship or anything that relates to your or our faith?

Click here to send an email to the ministry team.

Charter of Compassion

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