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Volunteering at St. John's


Volunteering or participating in groups at St. John's are great ways to get to know our community or deepen your existing relationships here. 

We have lots of opportunities available. For some, you would become part of a rotating schedule, while for others, you might take part on a less formal basis or for a specific event. 


You don't even have to be a member of St. John's. 
Students needing volunteer hours are also welcome! 


Participate at whatever your personal comfort level is. 

Are you a people person?
Join the Sunday Morning Greeter Rota.

This is an important ministry of welcoming both new and regular attendees, especially during the pandemic.

Your job would be to: 

  • greet people warmly as they enter 

  • ensure that they are properly masked or provide them with a mask 

  • direct them to the hand sanitizing station 

  • have them sign in on the contact tracing form    

  • inform them of COVID protocols regarding seating 

  • provide them with the Sunday bulletin

Would you like to use your tech skills?
Join the Tech Team.

Our tech team has become an important part of our weekly services as we continue to provide both in-person and online worship. The tech folks:

  • set up the sound, video and computer equipment for Sunday services

  • manage the equipment during the production of the service

  • host the online Zoom portion of the service

  • record the service

  • research equipment and platforms for purchase consideration. 

Do you enjoy entertaining and/or decorating?
Join the Altar Guild and/or the Decorating Team.

Setting the altar is a bit like setting a table with care and love for dinner guests. It is a ministry of participation in the celebration of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) and welcoming guests to the table. The Altar Guild is looking for new people to become involved. You don't need any previous experience and none of the tasks are onerous. These include:

  • vesting the chalice according to the church season

  • setting the credence table

  • maintaining and cleaning the sacred vessels, linens and candles  

Another function of the Altar Guild is the decoration of the sanctuary, which includes

  • arranging flowers 

  • decorating the church for festivals such as Harvest time, Christmas and Easter

Our Decorating Team 

  • decorates for special events - e.g. Holly Tea, fundraisers

  • prepares outdoor decorations, including planters/urns after summer season

Is music your jam? 
Become part of our Music Ministry.

We have a growing roster of professional and volunteer musicians who sing and play a variety of liturgical music styles at our services. Generally our volunteer singers are accompanied by piano or guitar, but we also have a beautiful organ. At present, there is no congregational singing permitted due to COVID.


Here are ways to participate:  

  • join our community choir which sings periodically throughout the year

  • join our team of vocalists who sing solo at our weekly service

  • play the piano 

  • play another instrument

  • play the organ

  • join our music planning team which helps research and recommend traditional hymns, contemporary Christian songs, and secular music with inspirational or spiritual themes for our services

Support our music programming

Please make a special donation. Please note that it is for Music at St. John's.

Do you have communications or graphic design skills?
Join the Communications Team.


Whether you have writing, social media chops or web design skills, we could use your help. Communications have become extremely important to our small, but mighty community.

  • work on a weekly newsletter,

  • design posts for social media and publish

  • do updates to this website

  • design signage and printed materials.

Do you enjoy gardening? Can you help with outdoor maintenance?
Join the St. John's Gardeners or help on cleanup days.

Maintaining our landscaping around the church is a visible sign of our presence in the community. We have an active group of gardeners in both our community vegetable gardens and our church floral gardens. There is always someone with experience to answer questions.

Ways to join in:

  • gardeners meet on Saturday mornings to plant and weed our flower beds during growing season 

  • participate in spring and autumn cleanup days

  • become part of the rota for mowing the grass

  • do mid-week watering when needed

  • sweep the steps

  • research free or discount plant sources, grants, and environmental programs of interest

Do you get a kick out of event organization and fundraising?

We are looking forward to getting back to having annual fundraising events at the church, but for now we are still doing our events online. Next up is the Holly Tea and Craft Fair in December. In the new year we will do another Rain Barrel Sale. We are always looking for new ideas, too! 

Other activities

Drop In Crafts Guild 

Returns in the new year when we can safely gather in the church again.

SJWT Book Club

The Book Club meets periodically to discuss books from various genres. 

For more information or to become a volunteer, contact

There are opportunities for you too.

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