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Our Kid Philosophy  

We are committed to the spiritual growth of all members of our faith community. We have intentionally adopted a style of children’s education that has our children included in our worship services. Children in worship is a spiritual formation approach that presents a joyful way for children to worship God. Children participate as they are able, some read, some greet as people arrive, and others bring their musical gifts to our worship. Children and adults are invited to experience the wonder and mystery of God through story-telling in the children’s focus and sermon, through activities offered in the chapel and with the use of At Home Resources. Children are full participants in the household of God - full members of the family. We are excited to offer this integrated worship/learning experience.

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Our two Dreams & Visions Zines are here!   
Check out the wonderful creative contributions from our parishioners.
Discover how the Spirit of God has shown Zine contributors that Joy still abounds even during the trials of the pandemic. 
Click here to view JOY.
With the wave of injustice that floods our nation, coast to coast, what is the role of us at St. John’s as agents of God’s Justice? 
Click here to view JUSTICE.

Life Passages

Baptism, confirmation and marriage are important life passages. Important events in the life of a person and their community. All of these life passages are celebrated within the context of prayer and worship. For more information please leave a message at 416-763-2393 or contact

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