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Check Out the Historical Displays Around the Church

In support of the special SJWT-100th on Humberside event held on December 7th, in partnership with the West Toronto Junction Historical Society, Andrea Rutty, May Webster and Christopher Rutty, gathered a selection of historical items for display in the church. See the photo gallery below.

Of particular interest are a variety of historic documents, reports and newsletters, as well as sanctuary linens and materials, laid out inside a large display case set up in the Narthex. The display case was acquired by Andrea via Facebook Marketplace and donated to the church. There is another smaller display case in the Narthex in which a Book of Memorials is displayed.

On the buffet in the Transept area there are three historical artifacts exhibited that represent St. John's three church homes. At the left end of the buffet is a large framed linen, inscribed with handwritten text, that dates from the opening of the first St. John's West Toronto church in 1881. It includes a photo of the first church building, along with captions about the early history of the church, one of which says: "This Cloth was the lining to a Lectern Cloth worked by Miss Gussie Street... for the Lectern used Nov. 20th, 1881, and has been endearingly styled 'The First Corner Stone.'" Next to the framed linen is a ceremonial trowel displayed in a small box, used in the laying of the cornerstone of St. John's second church building on May 11, 1889. At the right end of the buffet is a specially commissioned ceramic replica of St. John's Humberside Ave church building, complete with a built-in wind-up music box. This model of St. John's was originally given to Canon Maurice Poole in June 1983 upon his retirement after 19 years as St. John's rector.

And on the walls, the series of 10 laminated posters, originally produced for Doors Open Toronto in May, are once again hung, highlighting key elements, stories and milestones in the history of St. John's.

These historical artifacts and materials will remain on display into the new year.

Explore St. John's history at:

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