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SJWT-100th: Team Report

The SJWT-100th initiative officially began with the first meeting of the SJWT-100th Team on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, via Zoom. Attending were May Webster, Michael and Quita Taylor, Mother Alexandra, and Team Chair, Christopher Rutty. It was a lively and productive meeting.

The Agenda with meeting notes, and a recording of it, are available via this DropBox link,

All are welcome to join the SJWT-100th Team and contribute when and how much they are able.

As was emphasized, there are two main streams that will flow as the SJWT-100th develops over the next year:

1) Developing SJWT-100th Historical Content

2) Developing SJWT-100th Activities and Events

Whether or not you join the SJWT-100th Team and attend meetings, all members of St. John's, present and past, are invited to summarize and share their personal history with SJWT and reflections about it.

All members, present and past, are also invited to search through their own files for items of interest related to SJWT, including photos.

I did some searching through our photos collection and found several of interest from 2000-2003, which I scanned and uploaded to this Google Drive folder,

Of particular interest are photos taken on November 11, 2000, when a special event was held in honour of Father Christian, who concluded his time of productive and progressive service at St. John's.

Father Christian. sadly, passed away recently, and I invite parishioners who were members of St. John's when he was priest in charge, to share any thoughts and reflections about him and his impact on the church and its community.

The next meeting of the SJWT-100th Team will be in early January.

Please send any ideas, contributions and questions to: Christopher Rutty,


Originally published in the St. John's Newsletter on November 26th, 2022

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