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Building Stories & Preparing for Doors Open

As St. John’s prepares to participate in Doors Open Toronto next weekend, for the benefit of the volunteers that will welcome visitors and lead them through the church, I wanted to point to a special feature on the SJWT-100th section of St. John’s website: “Our Buildings: The Road to 288 Humberside”.

This feature briefly recounts the origin of the St. John’s parish and the story of the first and second St. John’s Church buildings, but it primarily traces the history of St. John’s current home on Humberside over the past century.

Doors Open volunteers should dedicate some time to reading through the “Our Buildings” feature. Based on this history, and on a selection of articles prepared for this newsletter, a series of 10 posters have been designed that will be posted around the church during Doors Open. There will also be a printed booklet, that includes each of the posters, available to volunteers and to all Doors Open visitors.

The posters can be previewed via their linked titles

The original articles can be found at:

Early next week, Doors Open volunteers will receive an email with further information about how the event will proceed, along with a link to the final booklet, which they can review in preparation for next weekend.

Volunteers, and everyone else, can also browse through all the other resources about St. John’s gathered at:

Please direct any questions about the above to Christopher Rutty:


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