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Marking SJWT's 100th on Humberside: A Look Back 20 Years

As we gear up to celebrate the centenary of St. John's on Humberside Ave. it's fun to look back at what was happening at the church at different times. An interesting window into the life at St. John's is the "St. John's Journal," which was published more-or-less monthly during 2001-2004, and Andrea Rutty was the editor. You can get a sense of the goings-on at St. John's 20 years ago from reading the September 2002 edition here,

Also included in the Sept. 2002 Journal was the recipe for eucharistic bread, a story about Father Gary's summer in South Africa, as well as his "Rector's Ramblings on Music at St. John's."

There were also stories about St. John's choir, the monthly community prayer walk, children's and youth activities, and a fairly lengthy list of "What's Coming Up at St. John's" during last months of 2002. To help plan centenary activities, a SJWT-100th committee is being assembled and chaired by Christopher Rutty, a long-time parishioner and professional historian.


Originally published in the St. John's Newsletter on October 22nd, 2022

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