Welcome to the Anglican Church
of St John’s West Toronto


St. John's Anglican Church is an energetic community of faith in West Toronto where you will find a variety of worship experiences and opportunities for learning and socializing. Based on our baptismal vow that "we respect the dignity of every human being", we affirm diversity and embrace inclusiveness. 


We have something to offer you and we know we can learn something from you. You're welcome here – let's journey together!

Sunday Service Website Collage (Mother Alexandra)
Sunday Service Website Collage (Mother Alexandra)

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St. John's Gardens Collage
St. John's Gardens Collage

St. John's Garden Flowers

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Sunday Service Website Collage (Mother Alexandra)
Sunday Service Website Collage (Mother Alexandra)

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Get the latest news about our worship and community ministries. 

for the First Sunday of Advent

Sunday, November 27th at 10:00 am

Celebrant & Preacher: Mother Alexandra Stone
Deacon: The Reverend Evelyn Butler
Eucharistic Assistant: Lisa Rumble
Prayers of People: Susan Rynasko
Lectors: Mabel-Anne Waters & Alison Smiley
Piano: Dan Gooch
Guitar and Vocalist: David Krause
Technical Support: Greg Los, Harold Price & Chris Rutty

Order of Service
Please join us in person or on Zoom


Meeting ID: 997 9540 2224
Find your local number:

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Advent Appeal


As we approach the end of the year and begin counting down the days to Christmas, please take a moment to consider our Advent Stewardship Appeal. You can read the letter from our wardens here.


Each of our Advent newsletters we will feature a testimonial from one of St. John's faithful supporters why it is important to them to support the parish financially. This week's testimonial is written by Dr. Jim Crummey.

What St. John’s means to me and why I personally support its mission.


When we joined St. John’s in 1983 it was facing closure if it didn’t turn itself around and start to grow. A situation not unlike the one we find ourselves today. The parish courageously made some radical changes and began to grow.

I value the liturgy at St. John’s, Anglican, contemporary, inclusive, and prayerful. I value the variety of music we have had.

Our social justice focus is important to me, our Day Care, our support of Four Villages, marriage equality. Although St. John’s is a marginal parish in some respects, it has always reached out to the marginalized.

I value the colours in our sanctuary, above all the process and the courage it took to bring the change about.

More recently, I value our communications team, and how we have been able to adapt to life online, Zoom and social media.

Finally, our clergy have always been important to me, and we have been blessed with many outstanding Priests in the 39 years I’ve been here. Their guidance and support has meant a lot to me.


I am more than happy to support the Advent Appeal for Ministry.

Centering Prayer Graphic (Internal).png

Invitation to Centering Prayer

Wednesday mornings, 10:00 to 10:30 am


Are you drawn to listen more deeply, with ears, eyes, and heart? Are you searching for some way to step outside the noise, the stories, the busyness, and stand in the river of your life without anxiety, without striving, with confidence that the strength enabling you to stand in the flow comes directly from God? If you’ve been longing for deeper spiritual awareness, join us for the practice of Centering Prayer. No experience necessary, no introverted temperament required – only honesty, commitment and a good sense of humour.

Prayer petitions

To ensure that the names in our prayer petitions are current please send the names of anyone for whom you wish prayers to Evelyn at deaconevelyn@sjwt.ca by Saturday. In your request please indicate if the request is for healing or for other needs and concerns.

Prayer resources:

Here are some resources that may help your daily prayer. If you have other prayer resources please send them, along with a brief description, to deaconevelyn@sjwt.ca

Ways to give to St. John’s

  • donations placed in collection plate (Sunday service)

  • preauthorized payments (PAR), 

  • e-transfers to wardens@sjwt.ca,

  • cheques mailed or dropped off in the church mailbox, and

  • donations brought to our Saturday morning food drop off

  • donations at our page on CanadaHelps

Social Justice and Advocacy

Weekly Saturday morning food drop-off

9:00 - 11:00 am

Donations will be given to the Four Villages Community Health Centre, a local not-for-profit providing health care services and programming in West Toronto since 1991. Their food drive provides food to around 70 families every week!

Food Drive banner.png

To read about current Diocesan COVID-19 Policy and other news go to Diocese of Toronto News page

The crisis in Ukraine continues

Wonder how can you help?

Read more about PWRDF's continuing efforts and how you can support them here: https://pwrdf.org/news/

Praying for peace

Primate Linda Nicholls is inviting Anglicans in Canada to join the world in prayer for the people of Ukraine and for peace. 
Read her full message on the Anglican Church of Canada website.


Volunteering and getting involved at St. John's


There are many diverse opportunities to find fulfilment and have fun through volunteering or participating in activities here at St. John's.

Find out more.
Learn more about Indigenous justice

Visit the Indigenous Justice webpage on the Diocesan website.

Check out Diocesan News

Find updates about current events, issues of The Anglican

Land Acknowledgment

Creator, you made all people of every land. It is our responsibility to give thanks and respect to those who first occupied this land we are upon. We give thanks to the Wendat, the Anishinabee, the Mississauga of the Credit and the Haudenosaunee, the first people of this land.

We offer our respect to those ancestors who may be interred on this land. We are also thankful for the gifts of the People of the land. Creator let us be of Good Mind to reconcile the mistreatment of this land and to those who have been displaced.

With thankful and respectful hearts, we pray in Your name, Your son the Peacemaker and the Sacred Spirit. Amen

The Land Acknowledgement is taken from A Liturgy for The National Indigenous Day of Prayer https://www.anglican.ca/wp-content/uploads/nidp-liturgy.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1oWVCmVyX1tQWadWWfd1e5PoGDl4bf_p77nxkedV50uBflICO4BE2MUa8 


St John's performs
same sex marriages. 

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