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Irish Night Recap

A toe tapping night was enjoyed by all who attended Irish Night last Saturday evening, March 16, at St. John’s. First enjoyed were some Irish supper treats such as homemade Irish stew, soda bread, mac and cheese and spicy salmon. There was a large homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream cake for dessert along with other home baked treats brought by members of the congregation. 

The highlight of the evening then began – Irish music by both young friends of St John’s as well as talented members of our congregation and community. There was lively Irish fiddling, duets of traditional and modern tunes, accordion with voice and solo piano. Organizer and participant was our talented ‘performer in residence’, Alie Rutty. 

Alie began the musical portion with some solo contemporary Irish songs and duets with  violinist and singer Ryan Lokan. Composer and piano teacher Cara Tors accompanied on piano throughout and performed some soulful original piano compositions. 

Also performing some Sinatra tunes on piano was local piano teacher Galina Marmuzevich, a new friend of the church. 

May Webster sang some Irish airs with Jaro Czerwinec accompanying on accordion. Both are long-time church members and need no introduction.

Bradley Hitchcock, our resident guitarist ever ready with a song, performed some classic folk songs, including by Bob Dylan and Gordon Lightfoot.

Many agree the cutest of all performers then stepped up to the open mike, a trio of three young girls, one in green dinosaur costume, and sweetly sang This Little Light of Mine..

A successful Irish evening was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Alie and Andrea Rutty for organizing this community event and to all who attended, brought food and performed.

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