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Tenant Town Hall Recap

A very successful Tenant Town Hall meeting was held this past Wednesday by our MPP Bhutila Karpoche (NDP Parkdale-High Park) and community leaders in our space, with an attendance of 70 to 80 and additional people on Zoom. Speakers included representatives from the High Park Tenants’ Association, the Livmore High Park Tenants’ Association, West Toronto Community Legal Services and the York South-Weston Tenant Union.

Following a panel discussion of current issues including the prevalence of AGIs (Above Guideline rental Increases), tenants’ rights and the legal services available to renters in our community, was a session with responses to tenant questions. Tables were set up from organizations providing resources and information for tenants and information from MPP Karpoche's office.

We are very pleased our church was chosen for this event as it illustrates and reinforces St. John’s commitment to affordable housing and our local community. 

 MPP Karpoche’s team were impressed by our worship space, our technical capacity, and our warm welcome and assistance. They look forward to doing more community activities with us.

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