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Tasty Return of Pancake Tuesday

After a 4-year absence, St. John's once again hosted Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday in the church. The last in-person, traditional supper of pancakes, sausages, salads and sweets took place on February 25, 2020, just prior to the first COVID-19 lock-down. Indeed, the next two Pancake Tuesdays, in 2021 and 2022, were held as virtual suppers via Zoom, which were interesting experiences. Alas, a scheduling conflict at the church on February 21, 2023, held off the return of an in-person Pancake Tuesday, while Zoom-fatigue left parishioners to enjoy this traditional feast privately.

This past Tuesday, February 13th, Pancake Tuesday finally made a tasty return to St. John's warm, welcoming and colourful space, thanks to the efforts of many. Through the leadership of Andrea Rutty and Evelyn Butler, along with the promotional efforts of the Communications Team, the contributions of pancake mixes, sausages, fruit, salads and various sweet toppings, and the assistance of many volunteers, St. John's was ready and able to bring back this celebration. Special thank you to high school volunteers Aislinn and Mira for assisting with pancake preparation and flipping, and craft material organization, and to Susan Rynasko and Jennifer Jenkins for all of their efforts.

There was a steady flow of hungry people of all ages - a mix of St. John's parishioners and St. John's neighbours - into the church from 5:00 through 8:00 pm; there were at least 50-60, based on the amount of dishes used and washed. Some kids and adults even made Mardi Gras masks during our event. There was also over $400 donated to the church during the evening.  Included are a few pictures taken by Christopher Rutty.

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