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St. Anne’s Anglican Church

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow as we extend our deepest sympathies to the congregation of St. Anne's Church in the aftermath of the devastating fire that has destroyed their cherished place of worship. St. Anne's has been a beacon of faith, community, and tradition, and this loss is felt deeply by all of us who value the spiritual and historical significance of such sacred spaces.

In this time of immense grief and rebuilding, we stand in solidarity with the St. Anne's community. We offer our prayers, our support, and our commitment to help in any way we can. Together, with faith and determination, we will help St. Anne's rise from the ashes and continue its mission of serving and uniting our community.

With heartfelt sympathy and unwavering support,

St. John's Anglican Church, West Toronto


St. Anne's First Service Since Fire

photo credit: CITYNEWS/Joe Lotocki

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