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Meet our Digital Communications Assistant

Hello, everyone! I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself as the new Digital Communications Assistant for St. John’s West Anglican Church. My name is Venus Wambura and I am thrilled to bring my creativity, passion, and heart to enhance our online presence.

As a creative writing major at the University of Guelph, I find myself constantly immersed in the power of words and storytelling. In fact, my love for writing has led me to create my own writing YouTube channel, ‘sincerely, vee’, which took off at the end of 2021. It's been an incredible journey, and now I'm excited to channel that passion into enhancing our church's online experience; infusing fresh energy into our social media accounts, and finding innovative ways to connect with each and every one of you. But more than just a digital enthusiast, I am eager to become a part of your incredible church family, getting to know the faces and stories that make St. John's West Anglican Church so unique.

I'm here to listen, create, and connect. Thank you for welcoming me aboard, and I am excited to get started!

Warm regards,

Venus Wambura

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