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SJWT-100th on Humberside Wrap-Up Event Update

There has been an exciting change in plans for concluding the celebrations of St. John's West Toronto's 100th anniversary in our current home on Humberside Ave.

It has been agreed between the Executive of the West Toronto Junction Historical Society (WTJHS) and St. John's leadership to expand a December 7th meeting into a larger joint SJWT-WTJHS event open to present and past members of St. John's, members of the WTJHS, along with residents the wider neighbourhood as a pay-what-you-can fundraiser.

The initial idea was to hold a Centennial Saturday afternoon event on November 4th, but several circumstances have informed a decision to move this social event to the evening of Thursday, December 7th, in partnership with the West Toronto Junction Historical Society.

Plans had already been in place for the WTJHS to hold a hybrid-meeting at SJWT on Dec. 7th that would feature Christopher Rutty giving a presentation about the rich 100+ year history of St. John's West Toronto in the Junction.

Details are still being worked out, but we look forward to an evening of socializing, food/refreshments, and celebrating St. John's heritage. There will be historical materials on display as well as a few surprises.

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