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Celebrating Evelyn Butler's 10th Anniversary as Deacon

A special service and celebration took place at St. John's on Saturday, June 1st, to mark the 10th anniversary of Evelyn Butler's

ordination as Deacon. Many current and past members of the St. John's family joined members of Evelyn's family for the service, which was led by Rev. Samantha Caravan, who served as St. John's Incumbent from 2012 to 2019. Bob Shantz delivered a heart-felt sermon that highlighted Evelyn's long service to St. John's as a parishioner and as Deacon. Bob also spoke about the legacy of Bill Dunford, Evelyn's late husband, who meant so much to her and to this parish. Evelyn took part in the service in her usual Deacon role, and Alie Rutty and John Stephenson contributed to the music. The service was followed by a time to socialize and enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks.

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