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Alie Rutty

Alie Rutty (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist and performer from the west end of Toronto, and a lifelong member of St. John's. With a degree in photography from Toronto Metropolitan University and a background in musical theatre, she creates work that is often experimental, genre-blending, collaborative, and joyful. Most recently, she performed and produced “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Follies” - an immersive dance piece that brought the style of old Hollywood musicals to Woodbine Park. Past projects include: “Theatre Troupe” - a longform experiment in which 10 people created a theatre piece while improvising in character; “The Allegory of the Basement” - a stop motion animated film about the ritualistic act of rewatching movies. Alie has a passion for bringing people together through the arts, and loves to involve those who would not normally be invited to participate. Last spring, she facilitated a series of workshops in improv, dance, and art/religion at St. John’s to share her eclectic practice with her community.

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