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Whisky Beth

Beth Havers AKA Aunt Beth has been baking since she was a little girl, but it was the unique circumstances of 2020 that gave rise to Aunt Beth’s whisky inspired treats. With over 20 years of experience in the spirits business Beth has had the opportunity to help create unique whiskies all while traveling the world educating people on her favourite spirit. Her passion and dedication to the spirits industry has helped her win global awards and is now recognized for being the best in her field.

Whisky is delicious – but is often considered intimidating.  Beth has always strived to find ways to break down the barriers to find ways to make whisky fun and approachable and what is more fun than baking!  Early on in the pandemic she got to work creating delicious recipes which complimented the taste profiles of some of the most beloved whiskies on the market.  Since then the solo venture has grown to a team of dramtastic bakers and spokespeople who have helped shape Beth’s whisky baking dreams.  

We are just getting started and there will be a lot more to come but we hope you join us as we uncover the wonderful world of baking with a hint of whisky and a whole lot of love. Looking forward to sharing in this adventure with you.

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