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My name is Alie Rutty, and I am a photographer and performance artist from the West End of Toronto. I studied photography at TMU (formerly Ryerson) where I developed an interest in analog film and improvisational theatre.  Most of my projects tend to involve members from my local community (including my friends at St. John's), but in between projects, I enjoy photographing little moments of interest with my film cameras. 

In the last year, I was very lucky to have visited the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, and Banff National Park. The three selected prints I am selling were taken on slide film in Bryce Canyon and Banff National Park. The images for my two Christmas Cards were taken in December of last year, one of them while watching the St. John's Christmas Eve service at home (labelled "Christmas Eve"). All of these were printed on Epson paper at Downtown Camera (where you can find me during the week), and hand cut by me. I hope these prints can bring you, or your loved ones, joy in your homes.

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