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Diabolical Dispatches

A Lenten Study on C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters

Lent is a time when we are encouraged to wrestle with our demons, both personal and societal. In 1942, in the shadow of the Second World War, C. S. Lewis published a work quite literally written from the point of view of two demons, Screwtape and Wormwood, who are tasked with derailing the spiritual progress of a new convert to Christianity. When read with an appreciation of the ironic treatment Lewis applies to the topic, the Screwtape Letters offers insight for both new and lifelong Christians into the things that stand in the way of intimacy with God.

This short and accessible book has been called ‘wildly comic, deadly serious, and strikingly original.’

You are invited to join Mother Alexandra for a five-part discussion centred around Lewis’ Screwtape Letters and how the ancient ideas presented in it can inform our own Lenten journeys. The sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings, both in person and online.

Screwtape Letters.png
  • March 1st, 7 pm – A Screening of The Most Reluctant Convert & an introduction to the author’s life and work.

  • March 8th, 7 pm – Letters 1-8: Confusion & Doubt

  • March 15th, 7 pm – Letters 9-15: Repentance & Pride

  • March 22nd, 7 pm – Letters 16-25: Temptation & Love

  • March 29th, 7 pm: Letters 26-31: Charity & Hope



Copies of the book are readily available through both new and second-hand book retailers. You may wish to acquire your own, but please speak to Mother Alexandra if you would prefer to order a copy through her.


Join in on Zoom here -

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